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Gambling, in one form or another, has been here since the beginning of man, and the game of blackjack has been around for centuries. Always a popular game, blackjack has gained even more popularity with the use of the internet. When the game was first introduced to the Internet, the technology was very basic, where the player always plays against the computer and the cards are shuffled and dealt randomly after each hand. Although this version of blackjack can be fun, it lacks some of the interaction and camaraderie that can exist while playing at a real table with fellow blackjack players. It also requires a little different approach, since the cards are dealt as often. Counting cards would be virtually impossible, even if you were so inclined.

Today, improvements in technology have made available games with real dealers that deal with real cards for real players. This brings a new element in the game of blackjack online, making it look and feel much like you do if you were sitting in a casino in Las Vegas. And do not stop there - the new technology is being developed every day that promises to bring the most realistic experience possible - with distributors to greet you when you sit down at a table and talk to all the players as if they were physically in front of them. You will also be able to interact with the dealer and the other players at the table. The only thing missing is that free drink hand delivered by a cute waitress.

The first time you "sit" on a blackjack table with Early Payout live dealers can be a little disconcerting. Even the most experienced blackjack player can be sent off at first by all the different messages that are displayed. Making your bet is pretty simple (but do not forget) and the distribution of the cards is almost the same as in a physical casino. You watch the dealer deal the cards and the team also shows the cards shown. The confusion comes when it's your turn at the table to make a decision on his hand. Rather than choose options such as "success" or "stand", he says what is the basic strategy for the cards and calls would continue with the basic strategy or accept prepayment. There are situations when basic strategy calls for doubling or splitting of cards. When this happens, then give a further prompt asking if you want to cancel the double down or split, accept advance payment, or go ahead with the decision of the basic strategy. A basic strategy chart that the online casino is using is in the help section which can be found after you log into the game of blackjack.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember that in the single seat blackjack multiple players sitting in a seat, and not everyone will make the same decision. Because of this, the cards are dealt and hands played to the end. Play blackjack is such a little different, and at first it seems as if a large part of the decision-making has been taken out of their hands. However, after playing for a while, you will find that it can be as exciting as the traditional blackjack, and there are a lot of decisions made.

Thus, from blackjack player to another, take my advice and give it a try. Never wait for a seat at a table, and the table limits are always reasonable. For a better experience live dealer on the internet today, I recommend the top Casino has DublinBet or the new Live Casino Lucky. Both are easy to understand with no download necessary and some of the best distributors available today.